One of the most inventive and amusing blogs I’ve read in a long time is that of Nondrick P. Cairk’tir, which recounts an attempt to play as if a Non Player Character (NPC) in a roleplaying video game called Oblivion. Check it out, it’s still as funny and entertaining now as it was back then.

Sadly, I don’t know if the author plans to recreate his masterpiece of subversive gaming in Skyrim, so I have undertaken to create a homage to (or steal) his original idea.

However, as there is a chance he may well return to bless us all with The New Adventures of Nondrick (I hope so), I will be attempting something a little different:

I will be playing as myself.

What I want to undertake is to attempt to play Skyrim as if I had been literally transported into the game world when I first play it. I will be playing blind, behaving as I would if I were actually in the situations that arise, and if I die I’m dead. Permanently. There are no save games in real life. This could be in equal turns a comedy and survival horror, but my feeling is that it will inexorably turn a few shades more tragic at some point. I’m going to die in Skyrim, the only uncertainties are how, and when.

I wonder just how long I’ll last…




Skyrim is a roleplaying video game published by Bethesda Softworks, the company behind the hugely successful Fallout 3. This game is the 5th iteration of The Elder Scrolls series, each episode set in a different part of a fantasy world called  Tamriel. I would outline what the world is like, but as this is a series about someone getting sucked into a strange world it’d kinda ruin the voyage of discovery (and probable horrific death), I’m not going to.


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