The Rules

Before I begin my adventure, I need to lay down some rules for myself, so that I hold myself to behaving as if were actually me in the game world.

1 – No Unlimited Reloads

I’m not able to resurrect myself in real life, so why would I suddenly become immortal when I’m teleported to Skyrim? This’ll make things potentially pretty tough for me, but if I was transported to a dangerous world full of dragons with almost zero experience of combat I think I’d stand less of a chance than the game will actually be giving me. That said, in the real world people can get hurt really badly but come back from it. To simulate this, each time I die I will roll a six-sided die (I’ll be rolling the die-die!) to decide my fate. The first roll will kill me permanently on a 1, the next on a 2 or less, and so on until the sixth death which will be inescapable. Which gives me somewhere between 1 and six lives.

And when I die, as a punishment to make up for allowing myself the resurrection I’ll have to dump all my equipment and gold at a temple (bar a few days food and some clothes) – there’s probably no public healthcare service in Skyrim so I’ll have had to pay that doctor’s bill somehow…

2 – Eating, Sleeping & Personal Hygiene

I need to do both these things in real life, so I’m going to do them in Skyrim. I’ll try to eat at least two meals a day, and sleep for 7 hours with each game day. If I’m not near a bed at nightfall I’m make finding a bed my top priority and I’ll have to sleep immediately when I finally discover one.

I’ll also take the time when opportunity presents itself to take a bath in a river or lake, or if I’ve slept inside recently I’ll assume there was at least a bowl of water and a wash-cloth handy. Also, when I go for a swim or go fishing I’ll be taking my clothes and weapons off and leaving them by the shore. Hopefully nobody will steal them, I don’t fancy wandering into a town in just my undies…

3 – No Heroism

I’m not a hero in real life. Not even slightly. It sucks, (or rather, I suck) but it’s true. So there’ll be no helping strangers I see getting into fights – if I don’t know what their quarrel is, why would I risk myself? Plus I’d probably lose. I might get involved if it’s men attacking a woman though; I’m not entirely without human decency. Once, as I was stumbling home after a night out on the town, I tried to intervene when I saw a woman being manhandled by a guy. She hit me. You can’t beat an English rose, eh? Oh, wait…

4 – Don’t Take Quests From Strangers (Unless They’re Pretty Ladies)

I’d probably make an excuse if someone asked me to do something I didn’t find interesting or already want to do, so unless the quest giver is a friend (or attractive), or the quest is something I want to do, I’m not doing it. I’m pretty sure if somebody asked me to go rescue their son from a burning building I’d first ask them why they aren’t doing it themselves, or why they haven’t called the fire department. I’d then probably just mumble something about being too busy while avoiding eye contact and hurry home to watch Star Trek in my underpants. Because of this I will be actively avoiding doing anything the NPCs ask me to do unless I know them well, they are a pretty lady (yup, I’m a sucker), or if I wanted to anyway.

5 – Avoid Unnecessary Danger

I don’t do extreme sports, I don’t start fights, and I avoid dark alleyways. It’s probably fair to say that I wouldn’t hurt a fly, though in my defence I did once said boo to a goose. Literally. It looked at me then walked off. This pacifist (cowardly) attitude will continue in game. I will undertake to defend myself though, but will totally run away if it looks at all risky. Dungeons aren’t necessarily a no-go, but if it has a pile of skulls outside I’ll probably just keep on walking.

6- No Stealing

I’m an honest guy, why would I suddenly become a thief just because there are Dragons flapping about now? I’m not going to take anything that is in an owned property, or potentially could belong to someone even if it isn’t marked by the game as owned. I might steal from rich people though, depending on their morality in game, so watch out if you’re the Tamrielic equivalent of a Wall Street Banker…

7 – No Fast Travel

Well, except for carriages or something like that that might conceivably exist in the game. Teleportation just isn’t in my skill set I’m afraid, so I’ll be walking everywhere.

8 – Don’t Bother Everybody

I don’t speak to every person I pass as I’m walking down the street, nor do I try every door I pass to see what’s on the other side. I’ll keep myself to myself unless it feels socially appropriate. If I have a few flagons of mead inside me in the tavern I might get talking to the locals then. And as I’d probably be more generous when drunk I’d allow myself to get talked into doing the odd quest if it sounds doable – once I’ve said I’ll do something I’ll feel too awkward to back out when sober. If I agree to something suicidal I’ll probably skip town in a hurry.

9 – Get A Job

If I appeared in a strange land I wouldn’t decide that my primary source of income should be killing bandits and dragons. Because of this I will instead find some other way of generating a legitimate income. I may go fishing or chop wood as the fancy takes me, or travel between towns to search for better prices. I’ve actually worked as a chef in real life, so I’ll probably concentrate on using cooking as a means of income initially, and not just because that’s safer than the other options (ok, maybe it is).

10 – No Main Quest?

This one is flexible – while I don’t really want my character battling dragons, it might be unavoidable at points to participate in the main quest. On top of that, it’s possible that the early stages may not require anything too taxing, especially once my character has gained some experience. He won’t be seeking out adventure though, oh no no no, but if he’s asked to escort someone to another town or deliver something he may well …think about it.


6 comments on “The Rules

  1. I really like the way you are setting up your game. It add additional fun 😀
    I have to do the same thing somehow for this incoming game without falling in easy temptations 🙂

    • It’s because I’m roleplaying the actual, real-world me.

      I didn’t want to play a pure DiD (dead is dead) game because I have no idea exactly how challenging Skyrim is at this point and would ideally like to have this blog reach a reasonable length, but then again I didn’t want to give the in-game me any powers which I don’t possess in real life beyond those that a Non-Player Character conceivably might have. The die roll allows me to risk death proper, and help force me to play in-character, whilst also giving me a chance of surviving to continue posting updates.

      I can’t/won’t create another character because there’s only one of me IRL and sadly getting to restart your life isn’t an option. 🙂

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